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Communicating Your Website Design Ideas

Posted May 22, 2015 in Blog

The foundation of any website design ideas or graphic project is communication. Without communication, your project is doomed from the start. Communication aids understanding and eventually influences the project outcome. It is essential that communication line from the client to the designer must be open from the beginning of the project, until even after the project is finished. Clients usually

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May 22

Why Professional web design is Key for business Growth

Posted May 2, 2015 in Blog

The objective of any effective business website is to clearly promote your goods or services, making everything clear to the consumer on first glance. Clever design ensures your site gets action based visitors on an ongoing basis. Those of you who already have some knowledge in the web design area will know that there are other things to take into

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May 02

Setting up Email Account on Android Phone

Posted April 1, 2015 in Blog

BEFORE YOU START: To set up an Android phone with your email, you need to know your email address and password before proceeding and you must have Internet Connection (if your website was designed by Firstlincoln you can email to request for your email address, username and password). NOTE: The steps to set up email on your Android s

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Apr 01

Setting Up Email on Your BlackBerry Phone

Posted in Blog

Setting up Email on Your BlackBerry z10 On your Blackberry z10, tap the Settings icon to open your BlackBerry System Settings. On the System Settings screen, tap Accounts. On the Add Account screen, at the bottom of the screen, tap Advanced. On the Advanced Setup screen, tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. On the Add Account screen, fill in the information for

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Apr 01

Setting Up Email on Your iPhone and iPad

Posted in Blog

The following article will take you through how to setup your Email on Your iPhone and iPad. Note: Your iPhone must have Internet Connection and running iOS 4.0 or newer. Note: Make sure your webmaster has assigned you an email address and password before proceeding (if your website was design by Firstlincoln you can email to request for your

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Apr 01

Tips for Paid Search Campaigns

Posted February 12, 2015 in Blog

Report has shown that, companies spent over $42 billion on online advertising in 2013, more than any other medium besides television.  Online advertising is fast becoming the mainstream advertising channel and finding a way for your company to compete in this rapidly growing ad space is key to future success. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of knowledge

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Feb 12

SEO a Web Design Afterthought – Bad Idea

Posted January 9, 2015 in Blog

When a business decides that the time has come to involve SEO companies in its efforts to boost the impact of its website, in some cases, it may be already too late to really push things to their limits and achieve the best possible results. The reason for this is the simple fact that in order to ensure that SEO

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Jan 09

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