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The course has been designed for those wishing to gain introductory skills in a variety of digital media

About this course

Our online Digital Skills course is ideal for people wanting to gain an understanding and grounding in using the internet, online safety and broader digital skills such as digital photography, social networking, digital media and much more.

• Learn about various digital skills

• The flexibility and value of a self-study course designed to enable you to work at your own pace

• The opportunity to gain the BCS qualification

More detailed information about what this course covers is as follows: –
  • How to start a computer and understand the different hardware.
  • Learning about some of the terminology used.
  • How to organise files by creating, copying and pasting or deleting.
  • The basic skills required to setup, edit and print documents. How to search for information and make purchases online.
  • Using email and communicating online.
  • How to speak to family and friends for free using Skype.
  • Staying safe online from viruses and protecting personal information.
  • How to use parental controls. How to use a digital video camera’s basic functions and features.
  • Importing clips from a video camera and start video editing.
  • Simple editing techniques.
  • How to add audio tracks and still images.
  • Enhancing video by adding titles and transitions.
  • Sharing video by producing DVDs or publishing on the internet. How to set-up and use a digital camera and its basic functions and features.
  • Using photo software to update, arrange and organise their photos into folders.
  • How to do basic editing and use imaging skills to enhance photos.
  • Sharing photos through slideshows or by publishing on the web. How to set up a digital music device, play music and work with the computer.
  • Using software to add to and update their music collection.
  • How to transfer music files from CD with full song and artist details.
  • Understanding different functions and setting on their music player.
  • How to search for and purchase music from an online store. Learning about what social networking is.
  • What a personal profile is and how online groups are organised.
  • Common features of social networking sites such as catching up with friends, sharing the latest news, posting photos and uploading videos.
  • Understanding the concept of unsolicited mail and how to deal with spam.
  • Copyright laws and how they relate to the internet.
Aims and Objectives

The aim of this course is to help enable you to be able to use various types of digital media to increase your confidence in the workplace and undertake a wider variety of office support roles.

The course also teaches digital skills to cover the BCS Entry Level Certificate In Digital Skills (ITQ) (Entry 3) (QCF) qualification.


Although not essential it would be preferable if you had some basic experience using a PC/laptop.

Career Path

Designed for those with little or no previous digital experience this course would suit those with aspirations to work within and office environment, for instance in roles such as Receptionist, Admin Assistant etc.

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