The New Social Engagement Imperative

There’s no getting around it — customers today are talking about your business on social media — either hoping to interact with you directly, or sharing opinions with others about their experiences with your business.

If customers are satisfied, then the happy chatter is good news for your bottom line. But if customers are unhappy about unresolved complaints or problems, it can have a major impact on your brand perception. When there is negative talk about your company on social media, do you have the strategies and processes in place to take proactive action? For many businesses, social media efforts are still evolving, and processes are often manual and fragmented. For example, social media channels are usually ‘owned’ by marketing groups, who struggle to handle questions that may be related to product support or other areas. The result is that, instead of optimizing communications with customers, these reactive, piecemeal processes for handling social media interactions may leave your customers frustrated.

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