Employee Onboarding Training Course

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The faster new employees learn the various requirements to effectively perform their new job, the faster they are able to contribute to the company’s growth and profitability. This Employee Onboarding course is designed to train a company’s Human Resource Management staff how to help new employees become productive in the shortest possible time. Employers also need this program to reduce employee turnover and consistently maintain smooth and efficient operations.

The course teaches your HR management staff how to understand what is onboarding, its purpose, scope, proper implementation and the short and long-term benefits.

The staff will also be trained on how to guide the new employees in developing the resiliency and flexibility to adjust to the new job, as well as how to compare the new employee’s performance against organisational standards or expectations.

This comprehensive course is now available in our Lagos training room or at your workplace – as a 1-hour motivation session, 3-hours power session or full day training.

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Learning Outcomes – Employee Onboarding Training Course

  • Define onboarding
  • Know the benefits & purpose of onboarding
  • Prepare for a successful onboarding program
  • Identify ways to engage & follow up with employees
  • Set operational expectations
  • Discover the importance of resiliency & flexibility