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This course is suitable for all but would be particularly useful for anyone who has recently gained promotion to supervisory, management or team leader type roles.

About this course

Conflict is an unfortunate part of life which everyone inevitably stumbles across at some point, and conflict within the workplace can be especially difficult to deal with.

This short course will give you practical, solution-based tactics to help you diffuse and control volatile situations. You’ll undertake various exercises and assessments to help you fully get to grips with how to resolve differences fairly, quickly and calmly.

One of the main benefits to this course is that it can be studied online in just two hours, which means you can fit your training in around existing commitments and quickly be armed with useful conflict resolution techniques.

These are the sections within this course: –

Section A – Handling Conflict

Section B – Types of Conflict

Section C – Stages of Conflict

Section D – Managing Conflict

Section E – Maintaining Relationships

Section F – Emotions of Conflict

Section G – Responses to Avoid

Aims and Objectives

This Handling Conflict and Confrontation course will quickly provide you with real-life useful strategies to help you handle problem situations.


There are no pre-requisites required for this course.

Career Path

One of our ‘soft skills’ courses that is great if you’re an aspiring Team Leader, Supervisor or Manager.

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