In this course, you gain extensive experience writing, compiling and executing Java programs and building robust applications using Java’s object-oriented features. You learn to create robust applications using Java class libraries, develop platform-independent GUIs, read and write data using Java streams, and retrieve data from relational databases.

 Who Should Attend?

This course provides a solid introduction to programming in Java and is useful for programmers, engineers, analysts and managers. Those who would benefit include:

  • Application developers intending to use Java to build applications
  • Developers interested in learning the basics of Java before beginning work with a visual development environment (e.g., JBuilder, IBM WebSphere Studio).

Subject Taught

  • Introduction to Java Programming
  • Object-Oriented Programming with Java
  • Java’s object-oriented features
  • Structure of the Java Language
  • Flow control
  • Defining classes
  • Building the components of a Java program
  • Developing GUIs
  • Event handling
  • Working with Relational Databases

Date: On-Demand / Virtual Session


FEE: N 120,000

Please note that this event is by prior reservation only; all reservations are subject to confirmation by Firstlincoln Technologies. For more information please call 0806 693 8330, 0908 166 9518, or e-mail or visit to either download a reservation form or fill an online reservation form. Workshop Materials and software will be made available to confirmed participants ahead of the workshop.

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