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We don’t just build websites: we build ongoing and lasting partnerships with our customers. We have a wide range of clients from SMEs to major brands, national non-profits to government agencies and for all our clients we provide consultancy, website design & development, training and ongoing support.

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Benefits of Using Firstlincoln:

  • Guaranteed applicability of scope – you get what you most need first.
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery – it’s done when it’s supposed to be done. Other companies will give you an “estimate” and in our experience these estimates are often two or three times off. That means in the end you pay the bill, and get the product late, incomplete, flawed or not at all. This means a significant loss of ROI.
  • Guaranteed on-budget delivery – pricing on individual functionalities is agreed upon beforehand and will not be exceeded, same argument as above.
  • Guaranteed high quality software and design – quality controls like acceptance and unit testing measures built by seasoned experts.
  • Flexible and adaptive process – built to accommodate changes in your organization. We accommodate learning into our process: we realise there is no-one who knows more about your site and your market then you.
  • Produce re-usable code and designs – we build only what is needed –, once and only once, reducing maintenance costs and the cost of future additional implementations should the site become successful.
  • A clear project plan and project goals – in non-technical terms and jargon, you know we know what we’re talking about.
  • Insight and access to development server and sources – shows true progress in working software, so when we deliver you can use it instantly. This means a high increase in ROI and the product can help you start making money even before the whole product is finished. This results in a lower time to market and a break even point that is way earlier that a traditional company’s.
  • Open and honest communication on company extranet – transparency creates a continuous dialog of feedback and improves end-product applicability and usability.
  • Ability to terminate the project early – stop working with people you don’t trust, without losing more time, money or sleep over it.

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